Mixed reality with HoloLens

Mixed reality brings people, places, and objects from your physical and digital worlds together. This blended environment becomes your canvas, where you can create and enjoy a wide range of experiences. Drag your mouse cursor over the image below to explore the galaxy.


Mixed reality for everyone

Windows Mixed Reality combines the thrill of virtual reality with the power to engage with and personalize your surroundings. Windows 10 will enable this experience for a variety of headsets, from fully self-contained holographic computers like HoloLens to the most innovative and affordable headsets.

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Several virtual reality and mixed reality headsets, including HoloLens, arranged side by side    

Holograms enhance the real world

Interacting with holograms in mixed reality enables you to visualize and work with your digital content as part of your real world. Realize mixed reality’s promise with Microsoft HoloLens.

Man and woman wearing HoloLenses and working on a holographic body overlayed on a truck frame    

A more natural way to interact

Holograms are responsive to you and the world around you. Microsoft HoloLens enables you to interact with content and information in the most natural ways possible.

Illustration of HoloLens field of view    


Built-in sensors let you use your gaze to move the cursor so you can select holograms. Turn your head and the cursor will follow.


Illustration of resizing holographic windows with HoloLens    


Use simple gestures to open apps, select and size items, and drag and drop holograms in your world.


Illustration of voice control    


Use voice commands to navigate, select, open, command, and control your apps. Speak directly to Cortana, who can help you complete tasks.


Connect, create, and explore

Transform the ways you communicate, create, collaborate, and explore. Your ideas are closer to becoming real when you can create and work with holograms in relation to the world around you.

Woman wearing HoloLens with man in holographic Skype window while working on holographic lampshades    

Collaborate and communicate

When you collaborate, it’s easier to show than to tell. Your Skype contacts can overlay sketches and holograms on physical objects in your view.

Man wearing HoloLens designing a holographic robot on his desk    

Create what you imagine

Shape holograms to fine‑tune a design, share ideas, and understand your creations in relation to the real world.

Two men wearing HoloLenses, working on a holographic Xbox controller    

Visualize your work

Go beyond what a 2D render can do by working in 3D. Make smarter decisions and prototype faster when you can inspect every vantage point.

Woman wearing HoloLens looking at holographic scenery with ancient structures built on a misty mountainside    

Explore places and ideas

See holograms from your colleague’s perspective even if she’s on the other side of the world. Explore ideas in the real world, inside and out.